About Us

Inspired Masses, Inc. is a non-profit cultural organization located in Waltham, MA that seeks to increase the presence and prominence of art created by Massachusetts residents in the public sphere. We were founded in 2019 by Executive Director, Jane De León Griffin for the purpose of promoting free art and cultural activities in the Greater Boston area. 


While passionate about all forms of cultural and artistic expression, our primary interests are in writing and storytelling. Inspired Masses believes in the power of collaboration and strives to build and maintain lasting partnerships with local businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations. 

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Mission & Vision

Inspired Masses provides opportunities for people in the Greater Boston area to engage with the arts for free. Specifically, we provide Massachusetts residents the opportunity to share their creative talents with the public for free, to consume and enjoy the creative talents of other Massachusetts residents for free, and we increase the visibility and presence of art created by Massachusetts residents in the public sphere.


Inspired Masses believes in the power and potential of place-based communities; we believe everyone has creative talent; and we believe that by sharing our creativity with one another in the public sphere, we strengthen our communities and grow stronger together. 


Our Team


Jane De Léon Griffin

Executive Director and Founder

Jane holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of California, Irvine and is Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences and Associate Professor of Spanish at Bentley University. Her academic research focuses on grassroots cultural production in Chile, and this work has motivated her to create Inspired Masses. As an educator, Jane hopes to help her students understand the power of public art and the importance of public and private partnerships that make public art possible. When not working at Inspired Masses and Bentley University, you will find Jane enjoying the outdoors, good food and live music with her husband and daughter.


Sai Waters

Communications and Public Relations Intern

Sai is a sophomore at Bentley University majoring in Accounting with a Liberal Studies Major in Diversity and Society and a minor in Non-Profit Organizations. They have a passion for building community and plans to pursue a career with a Non-Profit. At Bentley, Sai is involved with the Service-Learning Center as a Lead Program Manager with the Woburn Boy's and Girl's Club, a Global Citizenship Committee Member, and a Mentorship Program Coordinator. Outside of these involvements, Sai enjoys crocheting and playing video games. Sai lives in High Ridge, Missouri with their mom when they are not at school.



Inspired Masses is proud to have collaborated with the following organizations and communities:

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Inspired Masses is proud to have received contributions from the following organizations and communities:

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Mayor Wu Announces More than $3.4 Million in Grants Awarded to Local Arts and Cultural Organizations


Read the article about Inspired Masses being one of 192 organizations receiving support through Boston Cultural Council for general operating support and COVID-19 relief. Inspired Masses is proud and thankful to collaborate with and be supported by the Boston Cultural Council.


From Across the Globe to Across the Street


Read the interview about the history of the "Boston in 100 Words" flash-fiction writing contest. Executive Director Jane Griffin sat down with writer Jessica A. Kent to discuss everything "Boston in 100 Words". Inspired Masses is proud to collaborate with the Boston Book Blog, and we thank them for their continuous support.

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More than Words


Bentley Univerisity's Associate Dean Griffin brings flash-fiction writing contest to Boston. Read Molly Mastantuono's interview with Executive Director Jane Griffin and interns about the "Boston in 100 Words" Writing Contest! Inspired Masses is thankful to collaborate with Bentley University and their community.


Boston in 100 Words Wins Boston Culture Council Project Grant


In March, 2021 the Boston Cultural Council awarded Inspired Masses a grant of $3,500 to support our project, "Boston in 100 Words." These funds will help pay local artists to create original illustrations of the winning stories of the second annual "Boston in 100 Words" flash fiction writing contest. Inspired Masses is proud to be sponsored by the Boston Cultural Council, and we thank them for their support of "Boston in 100 Words"!