Boston in 100 Words

“Boston in 100 Words” is an annual short-story writing contest that invites all residents of Boston and some surrounding towns to submit up to five stories each to the contest per year. Stories must be 100 words or fewer and should depict everyday life in Boston communities. A team of local, renowned authors select winning stories, which are made available to the public for free in the form of large, illustrated posters installed throughout the city space. “Boston in 100 Words” seeks to impact the largest number of Bostonians possible, as authors and readers of 100-word stories, which is why all aspects of the project are free to everyone.

The objectives of “Boston in 100 Words” are:

a) to provide all Bostonians the opportunity to share original stories about their communities with the public for free;


b) to provide the Boston public with free access to quality stories narrating the experiences of Boston residents;


c) to organize free public events that promote creative storytelling in and about Boston.

Contest History

“Boston in 100 Words” is modeled on the highly successful contest, “Santiago in 100 Words,” that originated in Santiago, Chile, in 2001. The contest has run annually in Santiago and six other Chilean cities since then. Beginning in 2013, the contest began expanding to cities across Latin America and Eastern Europe.


The original 100-word contest was created by the Chilean non-profit cultural organization, Plagio Foundation, who also works in partnership with all other 100-word contests world-wide, including the contest in Boston.


“Boston in 100 Words” is the first of these contests to take place in the United States and in any English-speaking country. The contest launched its inaugural year in Boston in the fall of 2019 and will circulate its first set of winning stories to the public in the spring of 2020. The contest will follow a similar cycle in Boston each year.